Sushil Meda, GravityZip

Mar 05,2022  .  3 min read

Thrill Seekers: Indoor Skydiving should
be the Next Item on your Bucket List!

Most people have a bucket list of activities they want to get through in their lifetime, and I am no different! Scuba diving, paragliding, bungee-jumping and skydiving are all on the top of my list. I’m lucky because my family shares my interests, giving me a better chance of enjoying and completing these.

I was fortunate to get a chance to scuba dive quite early on. The fear of marine life, fear of drowning, of having to breathe through the mouth and the eerie silence under water were the challenges to overcome. But that done, what an absolutely wonderful and surreal experience! The depth and intensity of colours underwater, the feeling of being up close with a variety of marine life... You have to see it to believe it.

A few years ago, vacation plans took us to the Himalayas and I got a chance to paraglide. You can imagine my excitement, which quickly turned to anxiety when I visited the jump site – limited credentials/certifications of the tandem glider, poor maintenance of the equipment/ tethers, poorly maintained cliff tops and an activity at the mercy of the wind gods. After two failed attempts owing to harsh winds and clouds, we finally took the plunge (literally) off the cliff and embarked on a 2-3 minute glide with a parachute. It will be a memory for life!

Armed with two successful checks off my bucket list, I got bold and sought out the big one— skydiving. Just the thought of feeling the rush of wind and floating in the air while looking down at the vast expanse of earth below was so tempting! This is an experience most thrill-seeking adults would like to try out – most of my friends have it on their list. But when I set out to try it, I came up against a number of logistical obstacles once I got over the huge cost of the sport. For one, drop zones tend to be at distances of about 3-hour drives from metros. Next, inclement weather and wind conditions frequently cause cancellation of bookings. Safety concerns and the need for a critical number of people per session are other issues. Despite my wanting to skydive, somehow things did not line up for quite a long time.

  You get that same rush, that feeling of floating on air currents, of defying
gravity... You have to do it to feel it!

Then, I discovered indoor skydiving! If not a direct substitute, it is absolutely a big step towards experiencing skydiving minus the obstacles, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This sport is rapidly becoming popular as it offers the experience of skydiving without having to worry about weather conditions, travelling long distances, or even the need for getting on a plane. What’s more, it comes at a fraction of the price! You get that same rush, that feeling of floating on air currents, of defying gravity... You have to do it to feel it!

I am delighted to share with you that GravityZip (GZ) will be bringing to you all, very soon, the opportunity to experience this exciting sport for the very first time in India! The GZ arena in Hyderabad will open this year and help you check skydiving off your bucket list. What’s more, it will more than likely become something you would want to try again and again – each experience is incremental and will teach you something new. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

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